Our clients receive unsurpassed claim and risk management services while we increase value through our innovations in the art insurance world. We resolve claims efficiently, ethically, and with discretion, every element of our company is governed by the principles of integrity, honesty, and trust.

We service insurance claims involving fine art, collectibles, and all things rare and valuable. We also provide risk management and assessment of collections in homes, galleries, and museums. We look forward to being in your service.

Art Claim

+ Contact insured within 24 hours.

+ Determine Causation and Coverage.

+ Manage conservation, loss of value.

+ Mediate and Coordinate all parties.

+ Manage claim cycle into settlement.

+ Expedite salvage for donation or sale.

+ Subrogation

+ Forgery Forensics

+ Provenance Authentication

+ Fraud Analysis

+ Theft Investigation

+ Reward Management

+ Expert Witness  

Art Risk

+ Physical and Security assessment

+ Safety and emergency procedures

+ Inventory and Appraisal

+ Background Investigation

+ 2nd conservation opinion

+ 2nd valuation opinion

+ 2nd condition evaluation         

+ authenticate, title, collection sale

Case Studies - based on actual claims

Alaskan Ivory Figurines / Demand: $100,000.00 / Type of Loss: Theft

A Collector’s inherited collection of Alaskan Eskimo Carved Ivory Figurines was stolen in a burglary of the residence. The other half of the Ivory Collection was inherited by the Collectors sister, the sister’s collection, equal in quality and quantity was appraised. Result: $15,000.00

Van Gogh Drawing / Demand: $120,000.00 / Type of Loss: Theft

A Collector’s Van Gogh drawing was stolen in a burglary of the residence, by way of photograph and provenance, the drawing was determined a fake. Result: $1100.00

Jerusalem Painting / Demand: $10,000.00 / Type of Loss: Physical Damage: Water

A painting of Jerusalem by unknown artist received extensive water damage due to a roof leak. The painting was confirmed to be a high quality print and not a painting. Result: $500.00

Jackson Pollock Painting / Demand: $20 million / Type of Loss: Theft

A Collector’s Jackson Pollock was stolen in a burglary of the residence, by way of photograph of the painting and provenance, the painting was determined a forgery and provenance to have been fabricated. Result: claim denied

Ballroom Ceiling Painting / Demand: $2 million / Type of Loss: Physical Damage: Water

Ceiling Painting in Art Deco Building Ballroom, was damaged by water from broken pipe, an inspection of the painting and evaluation found that prior water damage had caused most of the damage. Result: $800,000.00

Film Violin / Demand: $5000.00 / Type of Loss: Physical Damage

A Violin was rented for the production of a film, the violin was damaged in the film production and returned to the violin rental service, the violin had been rented for use by musicians for many years and accumulated wear prior to being damaged in the film production. Result: $2000.00

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