We specialize in insurance claims involving fine art, collectibles, and all things rare and valuable. In our experience we developed expertise in investigating fraud, theft, and forgeries in the art world. On call 24/7, we will service any variety of catastrophes, crimes, and accidents in the US and Latin America out of our Texas office. 

Our clients receive unsurpassed claims management services while we increase value through our innovations in the art insurance world. A strong personal relationship with our clients is the fundamental core of our success. We resolve claims efficiently, ethically, and with discretion, every element of our company is governed by the principles of integrity, honesty, and trust. We look forward to being in your service.  

Call us for a consultation at 1.210.701.0779 or direct 1.210.749.9483 or send us an email with your questions: info(at)fineartsadjusters.com

Fine Arts Adjusters LLC, 10514 Milldale Street, San Antonio, Texas 78230-2413  Texas Agency License #1735312

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Allen Olson-Urtecho,
Jun 30, 2014, 5:53 PM